How to Keep Netflix Video Forever

As the giant in the video streaming market, Netflix has a massive selection of older TV shows and movies, and a huge library of original content that’s growing almost daily. You can easily enjoy many classics and award-winning original content online. And it supports downloading of content, making it easier to binge-watch shows on the go.

Netflix users can have up to 100 downloads at a time. However, the downloaded titles have an expiration time, that varies from title to title based on the licensing agreement both Netflix and the creator have of that particular title. Some downloaded titles may not expire for weeks on end, some others might expire in just 48 hours. So, here comes a question: how can we keep our favorite Netflix movies or shows forever?

If you have the same question, then you've come to the right place. Below, we’ve detailed exactly how to download Netflix videos in MP4 format and save them on devices permanently.

keep netflix video

Tool Required: VidiCable Netflix Downloader

The best way to download Netflix videos in MP4 format is by using a Netflix video downloader. Here VidiCable is a great option, a reliable method of grabbing video of interest from various sources over the web. It is dedicated to helping streaming video lovers record files from Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Dailymotion and more with no charge. More importantly, it is armed with the most creative recording core, meaning that users can also store videos from Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Discovery+, and Paramount+ on both Windows and Mac computers. The downloads will be output in MP4 or MKV format, so that you can save them on your devices forever without any restrictions.

vidicable video downloader

Features of VidiCable Netflix Downloader:

  • Free record videos from Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Dailymotion and more.
  • Upgrade to record shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Discovery+, Paramount+.
  • Save your favorite videos in MP4 or MKV format.
  • Preserve multilingual audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Safe and clean, no ads or any plugins.
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Tutorial: How to Download Netflix Videos with VidiCable

Before you start to download Netflix videos with VidiCable, please ensure that you've installed the latest version of VidiCable on your computer. Then you can follow the steps:

Step 1 Select Website

Open VidiCable on your PC, and select Netflix from the support list. After selecting, you will be taken to the main interface. Meanwhile, the web player of Netflix will be opened automatically, which is where you can copy the video link from.

select website
Step 2 Log into Netflix Account

Next, you need to sign in with your Netflix account. Just enter any word into the search bar, and press "Enter", then you will be prompted to log in to Netflix.

select download settings
Step 3 Customize Output Settings

Click the Settings button on the top right corner to open the Settings window, then you can set the Output Quality, Video Format, change the Audio Language, Subtitle Language and more.

select download settings
Step 4 Search for Videos

Enter the name of the video you want to download or just directly copy the link and paste it into the search box. Press the "Enter" button on your keyboard, then VidiCable will list all the related videos and offer the download option.

search videos
Step 5 Select Specific Audio Track, Video Quality and Subtitle

VidiCable allows you to select specific video quality, audio track and subtitle track when you are trying to get videos from Netflix. If you want to download a TV show, simply click the download icon, followed that a window will pop up allowing you to select titles as well as seasons, and to choose audio track and subtitles by clicking "Advanced Download" at the bottom left corner. For downloading a movie, please click the icon beside "Download" to open the window.

advanced download
Step 4 Download Videos

Once all settings are done, you can click the download button to start downloading. After the download is completed, you can find it in the destination folder, or click Library > the folder icon to open the output folder.

download video

Whether you want to keep your favorite Netflix hits forever or watch Netflix videos offline on more devices, VidiCable is always helpful to you. It can download any title from Netflix in MP4 or MKV format on both Windows and Mac computers. Furthermore, it also supports downloading content from Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion and more, and keeps adding supports for more sites. Simply give it a try.


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