How to Get Max Free Trial in 2024?

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Max (formerly known as HBO Max), as one of the top streaming service providers in the United States, not only offers HBO original content and a plethora of popular shows but also live sporting events. Many first-time users may want to try a free trial before officially subscribing to see if they like it. Therefore, the following questions are frequently asked: Does Max have a free trial? How can I get a Max free trial? Please continue reading as this article covers the latest information on Max's free trial in 2024!

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1. Is There a Max Free Trial in 2024?

Unfortunately, Max itself does not offer a free trial directly through their service at this time. In May 2020, with the debut of HBO Max (the predecessor to Max), the streaming service offered a seven-day free trial to all subscribers. Unfortunately, after six months, HBO Max then canceled the free trial.

Some third-party providers like Amazon Prime Video channels and Hulu previously also allowed users to sign up for free trials of Max through their platforms. However, now Amazon and Hulu have quietly stopped offering free trials for Max subscriptions added through their services.

2. How to Get Max for Free?

As mentioned above, several of the most common ways to get Max free trial no longer work. Here's a question: Are there no longer any sources offering Max free trial? Don’t worry, we've compiled three ways to get Max free trial that still work in 2024.

Method 1: Get Max Free Trial with Cricket Wireless

You can get Max for free just by subscribing to Cricket Wireless' $60/mo unlimited plan. In addition to free Max, the $60/mo plan comes with unlimited high-speed data, talk, text, 15GB of mobile hotspot data, and access to Cricket's 5G network on eligible devices.

If you're currently subscribed to a $55/mo unlimited plan, you can upgrade to $60/mo unlimited plan with free Max for just $5 more per month. However, there is one thing you need to be aware of: Max offered free by Cricket Wireless is ad-supported.

If you're interested, check out all available plans of Cricket Wireless.

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Method 2: Get Max Free Trial with DIRECTV Package

In addition to Cricket Wireless, you can also get Max for free as an add-on by subscribing to the package with cable provider DIRECTV.

DIRECTV has a total of five packages: ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE, PREMIER, and ÓPTIMO MÁS. As long as you're a new DIRECTV subscriber, you can get Max free trial for the first three months by subscribing to any of the packages except for the PREMIER package, after which it will be automatically renew your subscription for $15.99/mo.

If you're no longer a new subscriber, consider subscribing to the Premier package, which includes Max as a free add-on. Unlike the other four packages, you'll have free access to ad-free Max as long as you subscribe to The Premier package.

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Method 3: Watch Max Free Episodes

Max offers a library of free episodes for all users, where you can watch popular series such as The Last of Us, Succession, House of the Dragon and more without any cost. Watch popular episodes for free anytime through Max's official Watch for Free page.

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🎁Bonus: Keep Max Movies after Free Trial

When Max free trial ends, you will lose access to the Max content library. Even if you download some of your favorite episodes ahead of time, it won't work: due to Max's restrictions, downloading videos will expire with the end of your subscription. However, we’ve found a way to save Max movies permanently, even after the free trial ends.

VidiCable is a powerful all-in-one video downloader, supporting over 20+ streaming services incluing Max and helping you convert the video format to MP4/MKV. In this way, the downloads will be saved locally in plain format without expiration date, which means you can keep Max movies forever even after free trial. In addition, custom download settings allow you to keep the most personalized videos.

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Features of VidiCable Video Recorder:
  • Grab videos from Max, Disney+, Hulu and others.
  • Built-in browsers to watch movies while downloading.
  • Record movies in plain format.
  • Enable Hardware acceleration while available.
  • Support both Windows and Mac system.
Download Win Download Mac

Step 1 Open VidiCable and choose Max from the website page. Then log in with your account.

Step 2 To adjust the video format and output path, click the gear icon in the upper right corner.

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Step 3 Search for the video with the search bar or simply browse the homepage.

Step 4 Click the thumbnail of the video and then the green download button. You’ll access the window to customize all download settings.

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Step 5 Finally hit the Download key to begin the process. After several minutes, the video will saved automatically in the output path you choose.


The above introduces 3 ways to get Max free tiral in 2024. It’s recommended to save your beloved TV shows and movies during the free trial of Max with the help of VidiCable, and then you can finally watch them anywhere and anytime, even after your subscription ends!


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